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The smart brick system for every solid surface

Get to work with Elabrick’s high-quality and sustainable products. Create a new inner wall or façade in no time, the possibilities are unprecedented. The low thickness of 3 to 4 mm combined with the low weight ensure that the Elabrick Brick Veneer can be used on almost any solid surface. We offer an up-to-date range of colors, formats and textures.

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Get inspired

Product: Elabrick Kansas
Application: Elabrick brick veneer are extremely suitable for indoor applications. If you want a completely unique look based on traditional brickwork, Elabrick is the solution you have been looking for. The result is a beautiful interior with a contemporary look. With Elabrick, you can create your own unique living experience, easily and quickly. A neatly finished interior wall that guarantees many years of living pleasure.

It’s as simple as that

Elabrick is a very simple, self-applied system. Watch the instructional video and get to work.

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