Elabrick Brick Veneer

We offer a wide choice of different Color nuances and textures. There is always an Elabrick Brick color to suit your needs. Elabrick Brick Veneer is a durable do-it-yourself product. A high-quality sand is used as a base material. The product is handmade, which gives it a natural look and feel. The content of a box of Elabrick Brick covers 11 (NF size) square feet, while the contents of a box of Elabrick Corner Brick covers 6.5 (NF size) linear feet, depending on the product size you choose. Detailed product information can be found in the Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet.

Brick Veneer Firehouse Red Pittsburgh PA

Elabrick Firehouse Red

Adhesive Color: Light Grey

Faux Brick White Buffalo NY

Elabrick Wheat

Adhesive Color: Brown

Fake Brick Copper Erie County NY

Elabrick Copper Leaf

Adhesive Color: Light Grey

Fake Brick Wall Panels Rochester NY

Elabrick Honey Gold

Adhesive Color: Brown

Thin Brick Veneers White Brooklyn NY

Elabrick Soft White

Adhesive Color: Light Grey

Black Faux Brick For Wall Pittsburgh PA

Elabrick Midnight Black

Adhesive Color: Black

Red Fake Brick Wall Panels Rochester NY

Elabrick Burned Red

Adhesive Color: Light Grey

Grey Fake Brick Wall Syracuse NY

Elabrick Flamed Grey

Adhesive Color: Dark Grey

Brown Brick Veneer Wall Erie County NY

Elabrick Kansas

Adhesive Color: Light Grey

Fake Brick For Interior Wall Bronx NY

Elabrick Desert Sand

Adhesive Color: Light Grey

Quick Brick Products Brooklyn NY

Elabrick Alaskan White

Adhesive Color: White

Faux Brick For Exterior Walls Pittsburgh PA

Elabrick Slate

Adhesive Color: Black

Brick Veneer Design Wall Syracuse NY

Elabrick Sierra

Adhesive Color: Light Grey

Special Order Colors
Other Colors
Special order colors

Elabrick Special adhesive

For each Elabrick Brick Veneer there is a matching Elabrick Special Adhesive. This ready-to-use special adhesive ensures perfect adhesion and also gives Color and texture to the seam lines. For 11 square feet you need approximately 5.5 lbs of adhesive. After drying, the adhesive forms one layer with the brick veneer. The Elabrick Special Adhesive is available in 11 lbs\5kg and 33 lbs\15 kg buckets. Detailed product information can be found in the Technical Data Sheet.

Thin Brick Adhesive Dark Brown Rochester NY

Elabrick Adhesive Black

Fake Brick Adhesive Brown Buffalo NY

Elabrick Adhesive Brown

Sand Grey Faux Brick Adhesive Erie County NY

Elabrick Adhesive Light Grey

Light Grey Thin Brick Adhesive Bronx NY

Elabrick Adhesive Dark Grey

White Quick Brick Adhesive Brooklyn NY

Elabrick Adhesive White

Elabrick's unique selling points

Natural look and feel

Sustainable products

Quick and easy to install

For indoors & outdoors

Light weight, easy to use

Guaranteed quality